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Return or change order

Can I Send Back Products? 

You can return any product you have purchased within 14 days after you have received it. You do not have to give a reason why you return the product, but of course we appreciate all feedback!
If you have purchased your product somewhere else, please contact your vendor for the best service. 

In accordance with the legislation on the right of withdrawal, the consumer has 14 working days (*) to return, at his own expense, products that do not suit him.

Conditions :
Only products returned in their entirety (with their accessories), in their original complete packaging and in perfect condition (no trace of use, not soiled...) will be accepted.
For any return of DIY boxes, please protect each spare part in the package (with cardboard or bubble wrap).
Any product that has been damaged, or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be refunded or exchanged.
Please protect the product well when sending.

Cannot be taken back:
- Sealed products, or with a special packaging such as plastic that has been opened by the customer
- Custom-made products for the customer or cut-to-length products such as toroidal transformers, cables/sheaths by the meter, cord assembly etc.

Adress : 

Evangelos Kioutsoukis

ul. Todor Dzhebarov 33a, entr. A

1404 Krastova vada, Sofia


tel +359899918922

[email protected]

How Can I Return My Purchased Product? 

You can contact us via e-mail or telephone. Please note that you receive your money back faster if the return information is complete. Send your product(s) with the order number and always keep your shipping confirmation if we need to trace the product in case of a problem. 

Do I Have To Pay For A Returning A Product? 

Yes, the shipping costs to us are on your behalf. If you send in a product for repair, we pay for the shipping costs back to you. 

Can I Cancel My Order? 

Yes, if you wish to to cancel your order, please give us a call or send an e-mail to us.

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